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Brittany Herrera

Brittany Herrera
Executive Assistant

Brittany Herrera graduated Cal State Northridge with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Psychology. Brittany is an experienced versatile executive assistant of business management and operations with over 9 years experience in assisting and executing a variety of business tasks. Outstanding team player in meeting goals, sales quotas, deadlines, and daily operations. Brittany successfully built a business and managed sales teams, business operations, and client accounts. Brittany has a proven ability to identify personal potential in staff and customers motivating them to achieve top performance. Brittany has a remarkable ability to analyze operations and implement efficient systems and processes to decrease overhead and increase profits. Brittany enjoys being a team leader, member, and business resource. Implementing and executing strategies is fun for her. Customer service is of the highest priority for her.